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Someone to Run With (David Grossman)

Some books are created to continue. Despite its ending, a story continues to live inside our mind and heart. One of the stories that I’ve read is Someone to Run With, in Italy known as “Qualcuno con cui correre“, written by the Israeli author David Grossman.

The plot is very easy: Assaf is a teenager that has the task to find the owner of a dog and give it back to her. Their encounter will be exciting.

I will not spoil the whole plot because giving information about a film is different from telling the plot of  a book. Besides, it’s also very annoying, so I will just tell you some interesting things.

First: the reader will know involuntarily the end, but the way in which the writer plays with circumstances will be fantastic in the eyes of the readers.

Second: it’s a kind of revenge of teenagers, and their shyness and insecurity will be their strong point until they fight against them and against their defeat.

And, last but not least: you will never forget some beautiful sentences, which you will engrave in your heart.


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