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Dark Souls

Hello guys Jhooz here – bringing you a new article on a game I already mentioned in my “top 10 most difficult games list”.

If you haven’t read it already,  then go and check it out at

I’m really sorry about my inactivity on the blog but I have been really busy…. Yeah OK….Who am I kidding?  I was just too lazy. I apologize and I promise that I will try to release new articles more often.

But enough of my apologies and let’s get started with this game!

Dark souls was produced by “From Software”, a Japanese software house. It was originally released in 2011 for ps3 and xbox 360 and in 2012 for PC with new features improved thanks to a DLC (downloadable content) called “prepare to die”. The DLC was so successful that it brought the developers to release a brand new version of the game: the “prepare to die edition” with the DLC already in it.

This game is an action RPG (role-playing game) hack-and-slash. This means that the game is structured on  areas where you have to kill enemies until you get to the boss. But this would be too easy. 😉 The developers decided to program really ample areas and most of the time you don’t know where to go.

Sometimes you will find checkpoints called “bonfires”. You can use them to level up your character’s ability using the “souls” of the enemies you kill.  Every enemy gives you a number of souls. Basic enemies (the ones that are easier to kill) give you less souls, while other enemies that are harder to kill give you more. Bosses usually give you a lot of souls. You can also find smiths around the map. They can help you power up your weapons or armors and repair them. Obviously you have to pay the smiths using your souls.

This game is considered one of the most difficult games ever made. There are different difficulty levels. Anyway, considering you are playing on the “normal” one you will die at least a thousand times at your first try. There will be times you will think about breaking your disk and leaving the game once for all.  But, you won’t, I’m sure :-).

This game has a fantastic plot and can give wonderful emotions that one can rarely find in a RPG game. The developers have made a great job programming landscapes enough to take your breath away.  You will get slowly carried into “Dark Souls” world. You will shape your PG as you want, giving him points on the abilities YOU think are important and this is a consistent reason why I loved this game from the start and has become my favorite game of all times.

One thought on “Dark Souls

  1. I agree, but why don’t you speak also about the second chapter? I tried the two games and I think that the first chapter is more beautiful than the second one. In the second we miss Hidetaka Miyazaki, don’t you agree?

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