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El Hierro

Hi guys , how are you?

A new school year has started, but I guess in every single student there is still the memory of the last holidays.

During last summer I didn’t travel, but if I had, I’d have liked to go to: EL HIERRO!!

El Hierro is the smallest island of Canary Islands.

It is a very particular island, characterized by plains of basaltic lava, which reminds of the landscape on the Moon, African winds, and a bit of Irish mist.

 On this island  there aren’t  beaches, only rocky walls 1500m high, on which we can find a very particular juniper, bent by effect of the African and Atlantic winds. Amazing, isn’t it?

The local population was originally the “bimbaches”,  indigenous people of  Berber origin, but they have disappeared, leaving only a few  traces of their existence, for example the name of the island: El Hierro. However, the origin of  this name is uncertain because this name means “iron” , but on this island there has never been iron. If the native population has disappeared, an  animal that lived during the same period is still present on the island: the  giant lizard.

The giant lizard,  known as “ Gallotia simonyi”,  is the “star” of the island. Unfortunately, there are only 300 of them left.

This island is an example of self-sufficient island:  eco-sustainability is in fact the strong point of its inhabitants, and for this reason Unesco has recognized the island as a biosphere reserve.

So, would you like to visit this island, too? 😉

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