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Hello guys, I’m Alessandro, this year I have decided to join the blog Learning to Fly because I think that a school blog in which students write articles for other students is a great idea. I hope that my articles will attract your attention and make you ‘’WOOOW ‘ after reading them 😉

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’.

Eleanore Roosevelt

What does this sentence mean in your opinion? Do you like it?

I’ve been thinking about its meaning, especially now. For many of us, and for me,  too, this school year will be the last at secondary school. It is a crucial point in our life, and we must make one of the most important  decisions in our life soon: decide about our future.

My intention in writing this article is share with you my doubts about the future.

Do you already know which way to go?

We students are told great sentences, like Steve Jobs’s ‘’ Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish’’ or university professors’ (as Gianmaria Ajani) ‘’The future belongs to the young people whom we form’’ but…

how can these sentences help us in our decision?

I think these people’s advice is too generalized, and sometimes I feel I’m not ready for this step, time is running fast and I feel crushed.

Guys , I cannot dissolve your fears but I can only advise you never to lose that spark that each of us has in his heart… be a dreamer and believe  in yourself, as Eleanore Roosevelt said.

I wish you a good start in the school year and… hold on. 🙂

One thought on “FIND YOUR WAY

  1. Well, I finished secondary school about two years ago and now I’m attending my second year at university, so I’ve already made my fateful choice 🙂 I completely agree with you when you say that these sentences are too generalized… It’s difficult to decide, especially now, when everyone says to you: “There’s no work for young people today”, but our dreams -I think- they can guide us, our attitudes, our interests… I can assure you that when you choose a way, you may find out not exactly what you expect, there’s always something you don’t like, but you can also discover the real beauty of what you have chosen to do or to study, something you really didn’t know about before… And you can also find out new ways, too. I believe that “Dreams always shape the world” -as in a famous song by Ligabue- and we cannot live without them… But feet on the ground, too, I recommend! 🙂

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