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The most beautiful sport for an average supporter

Hi guys! I am a new writer for this blog!

Today I am gonna talk about one of the most fantastic experiences I share with my school friends: Fantafootball. This is, according to the dictionary, a “game that fakes a football championship“, but for me  and for many other people, this is not only a hobby: it’s a source of ‘Beauty’ for those who practise it.

Last year I have won the Blatter’s Cup and I ranked second in ‘Carraro’s Junior’ (my championship), but now, with new friends and a new team, it’s very hard to win. I have been playing this game for two years now and it is not so easy as you can think.

So, we can divide Fantafootball in three steps: Preparation, Auction, and Championship. These are essential to win so I’ll explain what they consist in.

Preparation begins in July:  as “fantacoach”, I prepare my first notes with all my favourite footballers. Every fifteen days I add new information to my notes and I can add players until the second/third week of August. In this period my notes must be ready because the most essential and crucial part of  Fantafootball begins: the Auction.

The Auction takes place  between the 15th and 20th August, before the first day of the new football season. This is the most important part for me: I must create my team with my favourite players and strongest footballers. In this period I meet all my friends, for more than five hours at a time, to have fun and get ready for the new season. So I don’t support only my favourite football team!

Finally with my new team I get to the last part of Fantafootball’s part: the Championship! This is very demanding! I must give the names of my players in a web site  for all weeks until May and my players must score to win.

In particular I type in my team on Saturday, before 6 o’clock, and the first match of  First Division (Serie A) begins. I cannot watch only one football match, but I rejoice live for all  the goals of my players.

On Monday all matches are over and I add up all the marks of my players and of my opposing players of the day and win 3 points if I was better at guessing than the other players. At the end, the fantacoach who has more points in rank wins the championship and ‘holds up the trophy’.

There are also special days, three on a Wednesday, for the ‘Blatter’s Cup’, a sort of ‘Coppa Italia’ for everyone committed in Fantafootball. They are like an ‘everyone against everyone’ games and the winner  is the team that scores more points in these three days. This is only a booby prize for the fantacoach who loses the championship.

So, in the end, Fantafootball is not very easy to play but you can amuse yourself and moreover this is a fantastic way to play also with your distant friends.

What about you? Do you play Fantafootball?

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