a talent for writing / Impossible stories


Hello everyone, my name’s Leonardo and I’m new here.

Teacher b invited me to contribute to this blog ages ago, but it took me a long time to sign up. Not because it was too hard. I was just too lazy. 😉

So, let’s get back to us! The other day I had to write a story for homework, so I did. It made no sense at all but teacher b seemed to like it, so she suggested that maybe I could write that sort of stuff on this blog. So I will.

Once upon a time there was a man named Humbert who lived in Paris, Germany with his green dog, Clifford. (Yeah, I know that Paris is actually in Zimbabwe… do you really think I’m so ignorant? Hmpf! It’s supposed not to make sense, so stop fussing about it, all right?!)

Clifford talked too much, so eventually Humbert ended up swapping him for a melon at an Internet café. Humbert hopped onto the melon’s back and they both sailed to South America, near Mars, because they had to buy a flower. They loaded the flower up and started shooting all the trees. The poor saplings became orphans and they were so cross that they walked over to Humbert and his melon and they poured a bucket of icy cold water on them. Humbert was burned to ash and his melon ate all the saplings after giving them a physics lesson. Humbert’s ashes came back to life as a chicken (phoenixes are way too mainstream) and the now lonely melon took a walk across the Atlantic Ocean to take its mind off everything that had happened. The end.

 Hope you liked it!! 🙂

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