TV series

Auction Hunters

Hi there!

Have you ever seen ‘Auction Hunters’? It’s impossible to say no.

Auction Hunter is one of the most followed and exciting TV Series in America and in Italy. Protagonists of this series are Allen Huff and Ton Jones. Allen is an athletic collector with over 20 years of experience in auctions, while Ton is a clumsy and nice person  interested in all types of weaponry.

They together search for auctions of abandoned storage units, and then they try their luck buying them. Their aim is to do trade, in fact they have a pawn shop where they sell all things that they buy.

This series is composed of 85 episodes (in five series) which last for 25 minutes each one.

For me this is a fantastic TV Series and I manage not to lose an episode. Allen and Ton perform their part perfectly and they make a fool of themselves to entertain television spectators.

In the future one of my dreams is to meet them and to make an episode of ‘Auction Hunter’ as if I were one of them.

What about you? Do you like this series?


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