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Hello guys!!

I’m a new blogger and this is my first post! I’m going to write about our typical dishes.

I love typical dishes and I thought it would be nice to present the food that we usually eat in Salento in my first article.

Whether you are a vegetarian , a meat lover or fish lover, Salento has something for you. 😉

In Salento, the heel of Italy, you can find endless typical dishes and in our towns or at local festivals: local specialities are presented, giving you the opportunity to taste them.

One of my favourite festival, and one that I would recommend to visitors, is “Sagra della Cucuzzata”. Cucuzzata is a type of bread stuffed with courgettes, tomatoes and peppers. It is absolutely delicious and it will make your mouth water!

Festivities such as Christmas are an opportunity to eat other local specialities. For example “Pittule”, which are fried balls of dough or “Purciddhruzzi”, which are tiny biscuits covered in honey and then stuck together.


As Salento is on the coast, there is plenty of fresh fish, too. Fish is sometimes eaten alongside pasta or it is simply baked of fried .

For meat lovers there are “Pezzetti di cavallo”: stewed pieces of horsemeat.

I know that you English people don’t eat this meat, but I assure you it is worth a try.

If you are peckish come to Salento!!! You won’t be disappointed.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

See you next time.


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