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Philip Glass – Glasswork

Philip Glass is one of the most important composers of the 20th century, he was one of the leading spokespersons of minimal music, with musicians such as Steve Reich and John Adams.

A versatile composer, during his life he composed a lot of musical operas for all the genres of the theatre and soundtracks for films and documentaries (he is the composer of the Qatsi trilogy; significant is the soundtrack of the first film, Koyanisqastsi)

After he finished his high period of minimalism works, he changed his style, easier to be shared with the audience: post-minimalism, inclined to the American symphony.

Glasswork is an album of 1982 (at the beginning of 1980 he started his change on composition, with less minimalism and containing various suggestions from extra-european music) in which Philip Glass tried to combine minimalism with pop music, a successful experiment of almost 40 minutes.

Glasswork is divided into six tracks. It starts with Opening, six minutes of piano solo which continues with Floe, the most beautiful song of the album, a harmonic progression which repeats over and over again. The third, fourth and fifth tracks are Island, Rubric and Facades, in which all the ensemble of instruments are very enjoyable. The album ends with Closing, a reprise of Opening.

Other important  works by Philip Glass are Einstein on the Beach, his first opera and one of the longest (it lasts five hours), and Metamorphosis, a theatrical adaptation of Kafka’s book.

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