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Back in shape after Christmas

Hi guys!

In this article I’m going to talk about a ‘problem’ that involves most people and I’ll give you some advice.

Have you eaten too much during the last Christmas holidays?

What about all your efforts to lose weight?

I’m going to give you some advice to get back in shape and return to the ‘glories’ of early December! Just follow a healthy, balanced diet, preferably detoxifying, for at least ten days. Have at least five regular meals every day, adding  fibers to your dishes: sugars and carbohydrates should be limited, so put aside bread and pasta. 😉

  1. BREAKFAST: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and needs to be addressed very carefully. Try with a cup of milk or a green tea, or a barley coffee, add one low-fat yogurt and slices of whole meal bread with jam or honey.
  2. SNACK: mid-morning have a snack with a seasonal fruit: a tangerine, or an apple.
  3. LUNCH: follow your snack with a hearty lunch, but light!Many vegetables and very few seasoning. Try to eat regularly, but in smaller portions and especially without fried food, oil or salt.
  4. SNACK: For the mid-afternoon snack the same as before: choose a seasonal fruit.
  5. DINNER: For dinner, choose from various soups, maybe a vegetable soup or a mixed salad.

It is also very important never to skip a meal during the day. To lose weight you have to eat five times a day, preferably at the same times, and you should never skip a meal. Do not forget to practice at least a little physical activity: a diet alone is not enough.

Try to go to the gym or to the pool, or maybe just have a long walk every day. Following these little tips with good humor and smiles you’ll get back in shape in no time. It’s a promise! 🙂

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