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Hi everybody,

How are you? Today I would like to talk about an exciting book I have just finished reading and which has aroused in me such intense emotions.

There are books which are different from others, books which can “tell” you more than others, which hold you by the hand, page after page. They catch your attention and are able to drag you inside the story and make you explore a parallel world. This is the case of “The kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, the book which aroused in me such strong reactions.


Have you read it? My story with this novel started by chance among the shelves of the library of my town, where I saw it lined up with many others. I chose it by intuition, or better, it was love at first sight. The kite has always been a fascinating toy for me, because it gives me a sense of freedom, and the book title  made me think that I had to read it. I literally “devoured” it in a few days and I am sure I will open it again because it is a book which makes you think: fifty years of Afghan history summarized in a novel with the story of a friendship  as a background.

“Come! There is a way to be good again” and Amir knows that on the happiest day in his life, because of his cowardice and his selfishness, his best friend is raped in one of Kabul’s alleys and he does nothing to help him. On the countryside he even abandons him and keeps him away from him. After that experience, he emigrates to America because of the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, but as soon as he settles down, he receives a call which forces him to go back to his mother country. Here he realizes that the beautiful kites which used to fly free in the sky have disappeared and happiness does not dwell in his country any longer.

He decides to go back to because he has to overcome his fear, the one caused by his own conscience, which makes him open his eyes, the same eyes he had decided to close up after that damned day. The characters remain impressed into your mind and the author deals with the great and eternal values of courage, loyalty, family, love, guilt, betrayal which are handled within a framework of closeness and distance.

In this novel you can smell the scent of ancient cultures, traditions and people and Islam itself can be read in its deepest and most truthful meaning. The American and Afghan culture are perfectly merged together, in fact all the characters come from the same country, Afghanistan, and manage to keep their culture and their religion alive, even when they are far away in America  where they can enjoy the American dream, because it is here they get a job.

In conclusion I may say it is an overwhelming novel which made me feel as if I were over there, in the blue sky, flying with the  kites.

What else can I say? I would suggest all of you to definitely read this exciting book and I’m sure you will agree with me!

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