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Hi guys! Do you know what “the Show” is?

By now, ‘the Show’ has became a source of entertainment for everyone on the Internet. It was created by two young boys, Alessandro and Alessio, two Italian students who are both in their twenties. They import in YouTube Italy, after the American experience, pranks and social experiments. With their competence and perseverance, today they have 380.000 followers. They shoot serious and crazy videos in order to entertain people and to make them think.

These guys are very famous on the web in particular among Italian teenagers.

Their videos are a mixture of social experiments of psychology, introduced by Americans seventy years ago, and ‘Scherzi a parte’, the Italian model for pranks. They say that the strength of the videos is in the victims: they are the real protagonists; in fact their slogan is ‘the show is you!’.

Some videos, like this, are only for a carefree laughter; the videos have very often subtitles in English. But which are the serious videos? There are many very interesting which explain prejudices and vices in modern society. Here there are two videos: the first is the version in English and the second its revision made in ‘the Show’.

This channel is followed and appreciated because it is very active during the week. In particular Alessandro and Alessio publish four types of videos during the week, always at 2 o’clock p.m.:

  • On Monday: the ‘Coming soon’. They illustrate the project of that week.
  • On Wednesday: ‘Social Experiment’. This is the most important video of the week.
  • On Thursday: the ‘reaction to revelations’. It’s a video in which can see how people react to the “social experiment”.
  • On Friday: ‘Fail and Extra’. There are extra-scenes and the failed social experiments .

According to them it is very important to reveal the prank afer shooting a video, because they must tell they are joking in order not to be sued. I suggest you to pop in this channel because it’s enjoyable and you can spend your time without getting bored.

How can you know when they publish their videos? It’s very very simple. You can search ‘the show’ on Google and can look for it on the different social networks.

Have fun!


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