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A new fashion among the young : Dubsmash

Hi guys, I’m a new blogger and I’m going to talk about a new fashion spread among young people: Dubsmash!

2014 was the year of the “Selfie”. Probably 2015 will follow the same fashion, but if you’re tired of the “usual” selfie it’s time to switch to video Selfie.

You don’t have enough imagination to make a video Selfie ? How about making your video dubbed with a famous quote? If the idea attracts you, then you’ll have to download the app Dubsmash. At the moment Dubsmash isn’t available in the Italian language, and this may be a problem if you’re looking for famous quotes from Italian movies.  bur this is absolutely not a problem. But Dubsmash is really very easy to use and the result in video is more than excellent: just record a short video and add to the video playback the voice of a famous quote that can be selected from a list.

The audio tracks that you can add to your video-Selfie are famous phrases like “No martini , No party “, or quotes from movies, songs and many other audio tracks, that can turn a simple video into something really funny and nice to share with your friends.

One click and the video travels on WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook. Why not give it a try? 😉

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