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A singer who will never die

Pino Daniele has been the symbol of Italian music from the end of 20th century to the beginning of the 21st. Unfortunately a few weeks ago his life was stopped by a heart attack. His death was unexpected because he appeared to be in good health; in fact he sang on 31st December for the national television and he wished everyone a good and peaceful new year. This event is a sad loss not only for Italian people, but also for all the world. In fact he sang, in his life, with the most famous singers from all the world and he was highly appreciated because he always worked in a very particular way: thanks to his creativity, Pino Daniele was good at blending Italian and English words, and created an unusual way of writing poetry; he attracted a lot of people also because his voice was special: it had a certain undefinable quality which made everyone feel better and connected to all people with the same song.

I think Pino Daniele was important because he has brought the Neapolitan music all over the world and was the inventor of that unmistakable sound, a mix of jazz, rock, blues and Neapolitan traditions which has become his “trade mark” in Italy and in the world.

‘Yes, I know my way’, ‘Back home’ are among his most important songs. Their lyrics are rich in feelings and they tell something about Pino Daniele’s life and philosophy of life.

Instead the song below is less famous than the previous ones, but in my opinion it is very beautiful for its message and for the tranquillity and serenity that he wants to convey to the listeners.

I’m sure Pino Daniele will never die and I want remember him with his words:

‘I live on the clouds

and you know that on the clouds

everything becomes possible

and there are no fears and worries

and the mind has no more limits’.

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