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A newer world is arriving!

Hi there! It’s been a while since I wrote my last article about augmented reality and this is a fresh update about the same topic!

In the last weeks Microsoft issued an important show to developers and interested consumers so as to explain the projects they are working on. One in particular is something amazing that you all must see, we are really getting there in this technology section! I’m glad to introduce to you Microsoft HoloLens!

Wow! That’s a really interesting product; as you can see, it is actually a computer with some advanced sensors, a new generation chip and a HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) in a relatively big headset that allows you to create, access information, amuse yourself and communicate in new and fantastic ways.

Of course the success and feedback of this product will mainly depend on how much this gadget will cost and on how and how much the developers, from Microsoft and any other society, will work on this platform in order to give a unique user’s experience, far away from the 1200$ Google Glass thing.

If you are interested, here’s another video on HoloLens 😉

See you in my next article guys! 🙂


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