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Women and the offside

Hi Guys,

Today I’m gonna talk about one of the most frequent stereotypes which is used today: that women don’t know or cannot understand what an offside in football is. Now I want to explain, as clearly as possible, this football rule to debunk this “myth”. Have a look at this short and funny video:

First of all, we have to remember that the offside is  a rule in football introduced in 1864 and modified, as time went by, until today. This is one of the most particular rules in football because it creates a lot of controversy. Recently the President of FIFA (Federation Internationale de football association) Blatter has thought of removing the offside rule and therefore revolutionize the world of football.

As for the offside, we all remember many movies and TV sketches in which the stereotype that ‘you cannot be a woman if you know the offside‘ is stated. In 2012 a lot of coins were coined for the Olympics Games in Beijing which show on the back side the explanation of the offside, to allow everyone to follow the Olympic Games in the best possible way:

The offside is a condition in which a footballer can find himself in a soccer field during a match. Being in offside is not a proper infraction, but a footballer in that position cannot be active in that particular place, otherwise there is a penalty shot for the opposing team.

The rule of the offside is applied whenever a footballer receives the soccer-ball while his position is closer to the opposing goal than the penultimate footballer of the other team. The reference is the moment in which the pass by the foot of the teammate starts.

Is the explanation now clear to you? 😉

If the answer is ‘no’, some people prefer explaining that in a different, nicer and funnier way:

If you are over the last check-out  and  I throw you a pair of footwear and you go to the exit, the alarm sounds.


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