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Is it gold and white or black and blue?

In recent days a particular picture is diffusing on the internet. In this picture there is a normal dress but the problem arises when the people have to say what colour it is: in fact some people say that the dress is gold and white, instead other people see it black and blue.

This is not the case of a picture whose colour changes when you send it to another person, but more precisely that two different people say at the same time that they see different colours in the same picture on a phone or on a pc. The first reaction is to think that the person near you is joking or maybe that he can’t see very well, but it’s absolutely normal, because this could happen to anybody.

Now I’ll explain to you the reason of this particular situation and then I’ll show you other types of these particular pictures.

Our sight depends on our eyes that send signals to the brain which then elaborates the information. Our brain usually discards the background and its light, but not everyone can do this. So someone says that the dress is gold and white and other people say that it’s black and blue. The real colours are black and blue, as Roman Originals, the creator of the dress, tells us, but you don’t worry if you see it in the other way. Personally I see it gold and white, as other thousands of people. 😉

This is an other example of optic illusion and it is very improbable to think that the lines of this picture are horizontal… but they are!!! 🙂

There are millions of these optic illusions, but that dress strikes everyone because it is very particular. In fact in general it’s very difficult to see colours so different and there is even a ‘Hashtag’ (#GateDress) on social networks to allow people give their opinion about that.

And you? What do you think? Is the #GateDress gold and white or black and blue for you? What about the other pictures? Can you recognise the tricks?


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