Game of the week

Clash of Clans

Hi guys, I’ve learnt that a lot of bloggers post articles about video games and today I’m here to suggest you an amusing Android game that is being a big success: Clash of Clans. Do you know it?

This is a strategy video game developed and published by ‘Supercell’ in 2012, and released for iOS and Android.

I was skeptical about this game at first, but when all my friends told me ‘Hey! Download and play it, it’s funny!’ I tried it and now I totally agree with them.

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game in which each player can build and expand his own village, train troops and above all attack the other players! One of the main aim of the game is to get a good deal of trophies that you obtain destroying enemies’ villages, but if someone destroys your base you lose some of your trophies; to avoid defeat you must improve all your structures and plan a very strong village. By destroying enemies you can also steal their resources, which will prove very useful to “upgrade” your village.

You can build a lot of structures but the core of the village is the town hall: upgrading it unlocks new buildings and further developments of the game.

To strengthen your buildings you have to use the resources of the game: gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems.

Gold is collected from gold mines and stored in gold storages; it is used to upgrade most of the structures, in particular your defense buildings and the walls, instead elixir is picked up by elixir collectors and stored in elixir storage and is used to improve troops and army buildings, like the barracks; in the same way dark elixir is gathered by dark elixir drills and is employed to train dark elixir troops, that are very powerful, and the hero troops: Barbarian King and Archer Queen are the most powerful troops in the game.

Other troops are archers, barbarians, giants, wizards, dragons and so on. Moreover, each troop have a special skill.

Training powerful troops is very important if you want to win the wars; during an attack you can also use some spells that are created in the spell factory: for example they could be used to heal or strengthen your troops for a few seconds or to damage enemy structures.

Having good troops is important, but to defend your own village and protect your resources from enemies you need strong defenses. In Clash of Clans there are a lot of defensive buildings like cannons, archer towers, wizard towers or mortars; all these structures require a lot of improvements to become very powerful, and in addition to these you can also build some traps and surround the village with strong walls.

However, if you want to upgrade your structures you have to wait for a certain period of time, sometimes an upgrade requires some days; waiting a lot of time could be boring, but I assure you it’s worth it!

Clash of Clans is really funny and the most amusing feature of the game are the clans and the clan wars ( it is called Clash of Clans for this reason!). A clan can be created by any player and is a group of players that help each other. During the wars a clan fights against another clan and each war lasts two days:

1) the preparation day in which players can donate troops and improve their village, and

2) the battle day in which each player can attack two enemies of the other clan.

When you attack, you should try to destroy the greatest number possible of enemy structures and victory is determined by how many stars you gain during the attack: one star is earned for destroying 50% of the buildings, one star is earned for destroying the enemy town hall and one star is earned for destroying 100% of the buildings; the clan that earns more stars wins the battle.

To sum up, Clash of Clans is a good game to relax and pass the time and if you want to discover all of its other features you just have to download it and enjoy yourself! 😉

See you soon!


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