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Top 5 horror films

I think that watching horror films is the best  activity that you can share with your friends. In fact it is very amusing and particularly in winter, when the weather is unfavourable, you can meet your friends and spend some time with them. I’m going to suggest 5 scary and terrible films or film series to watch together.

5. [REC]: This is a wonderful saga in which a virus disease is infecting all the people of a block of flats in Barcelona. The last survivor is Angela, the protagonist of the first film of this saga, who will be infected at a later stage by the young girls who first spread the disease.

4. MAMA: It is a Spanish-Canadian full-length film based on the short film Mamà shot in Argentina. The protagonists of the film are two little girls, Victoria and Lily and their dad, Jeffrey. The film starts when Jeffrey killed his wife and the family moves  to a country house. After that he also decides to kill his daughters, but he’s captured and killed by a mysterious creature. Victoria and Lily decide to call the creature ‘Mama’ and the story gets more interesting when the little girls are adopted by a young woman and ‘Mama’ won’t to leave her foster daughters.

3. THE EXORCIST: This is one of the most famous horror films and in my opinion it is also the most frightening of all. In the Exorcist the protagonists are a little girl possessed by a demon (Pazuzu), and a priest who tries to save her and her mother. At the end the catholic Father Merrin dies but he is successful in healing Regan, the little girl.

2. SAW: It is a horror film composed of seven feature films. The protagonist is a psychopathic and sly serial killer, Jigsaw, who captures his victims and forces them to mutilate themselves because he puts these people in traps. These films are very interesting because there are many special effects: the traps are horrible, but also very original.

1. SHINING: A family formed by dad, mum and their son go to live for the winter a hotel infested by ghosts. This classic situation of the horror film is accompanied by the supernatural power of Danny, the little boy and in particular by his power called ‘shining’. It is considered by the English magazine ‘Time Out’ the second best horror film ever.

So, this is my list and I recommend you to watch the trailer of each film. Do you like to watch horror films with your friend? What’s the best horror film in your opinion?

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