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Good Mythical Morning guys!

Hi guys, how is it going? 🙂

Today I’m going to talk about a new YouTube channel I follow and that I think is pretty interesting to talk about. Its name is “Good Mythical Morning” and basically it’s a show in which two people introduce some topics on which they talk about every day, only in weekdays, and also answer the questions that you ask in the comments section below each of their videos. Usually they are “alone” in the show, but sometimes they invite guests, especially YouTube stars, so as to ask them question about their successes, interests or personal information. The “Games” they often organize and play are really original and funny at the same time, as they often consist in strange new challenges: from the classics true/false or fill the blanks to tasting and blindfolded contests. The result is always unconventional and particularly creative.

The hosts are: Rhett (Rhett James McLaughlin) and Link (Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III); these two great guys have been best friends since first grade and they decided to start their YouTube career in 2006 when they initially created their first channel: RhettAndLink.

They were used to publishing song videos or comedy sketches on this channel but then they decided to make a weekly half-hour show called “The Mythical Show with Rhett&Link” and another channel for daily 10 minutes videos that is supposed to give you a nice good morning but the hour at which each video is published, here in Europe, corresponds to lunch time; they also have another channel “Good Mythical More”, where they upload the second part of the show that usually is about life facts and experiences of their guests. In addition to this, they recently began two weekly podcasts: “Ear Biscuits” in which they have special guests to interview, and “Song Biscuits”, where they express their musical art and write a nice new song every Saturday. Eventually they have an online shop from which the most passionate fans can buy their merchandise and let others know how amazing they are.

I opted for talking about them because I found the hosts really into their job, making videos that are never vulgar and that I found interesting from many points of view: from technology to general curiosities.

I think that they make you smarter every day, enlightening your bad days with a fresh wind of interests. 🙂

Here’s their last video and, yes, it’s a game 😉

I hope I made you interested in checking out their channel; if I did, here’s the link to their show: https://www.youtube.com/rhettandlink2

Stay tuned, another article’s coming soon! 😉


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