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The ultimate a cappella group!

Hey guys! How is it going? 🙂

Do you like music? I’m sure you do, and for your “musical happiness” today I’m going to introduce a group that is spreading its name and music everywhere, I think you may have already listened to it, it’s Pentatonix!

Pentatonix (or often shortened as PTX) is an amazing a cappella group composed of five people, each of which covers a different vocal range; the entirety of their voices creates a rich, astounding sound immersed in the harmony of the songs they sing. A unique experience that, personally, made me fall in love with each piece of music they have produced.

This group  formed nearly 5 years ago but its singers were only 3 at that time (Kirstin, Scott and Mitch). As they felt something was missing, they immediately started looking for other members for their group, finding the answer to their quest in Kevin and Avi. (I’ll talk about each of them later 😉 )

Here is a photo of this amazing group :

When they finally found the perfect sound for their compositions, they decided to take part in an important American music talent show, “Sing-off”, in 2011. Here they had no rivals and they won the competition earning 200.000$ and the chance to record their album with Sony Music.

Wow, did they do all this in only one year? Yes, and that isn’t all! Right after this decisive win they decided to start a YouTube channel called like their group : PTXOfficial. At this point they started their wonderful online career by publishing their latest songs on this channel on their own or, sometimes, with other artists. This channel  allows everyone to listen to them without necessarily having to buy their album. Their most viewed videos are “Evolution of music”, which has over 57 million views, and a Daft Punk mash up that has more than 124 million views. Pretty much, isn’t it?

From the partnership with Sony Music, Pentatonix produced their first album “PTX Volume 1” in 2012, followed by “PTXmas” (2012), “PTX Volume 2” (2013), “That’s Christmas to Me” (2013) and, eventually, “PTX Volume 3” (2014).

Actually they are on their second tour (the so-called “On My Way Home Tour”) and they’ll perform throughout Europe and in Italy, too. Last but not least, they also won a Grammy this year for “Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella” with their “Daft Punk” mash-up.

And now here’s a brief description of each singer along with the above picture, in order to match each description with the corresponding singer. From left to right :

– Avi Kaplan: he is an a cappella music composer, arranger and guitar player. He attended Mt.San Antonio College (a famous college for its strong training for a cappella singers), he joined a jazz ensemble (Sincopation) and he also won the “Best Rhythm Section” award. He is the deepest voice of the entire group and his voice type is, of course, Basso Profondo. Personally he is my favourite singer, because I think he has an incredible talent: his voice is absolutely outstanding thanks to its very deep vocal extension.

– Kirstin Maldonado: she began her classical training in high school and developed her vocal skills as a member at Theatre Arlington for eight years. She is a soprano and she has a wonderful smooth voice, she is also another lead vocalist.

– Scott Hoying: he is a song writer and pianist. Since the age of 8 he has been involved in many musical projects and he also sang the American national anthem “God Bless America” in several sports events. His vocal range corresponds to a Baritone and his voice is very powerful.

– Mitch Grassi: a DJ and a musical producer, he is one of the lead vocalists in Pentatonix. He is a counter-tenor and he actually is the second highest voice in the group, right after Kirstin.

– Kevin “K.O.” Olusola: he became famous for his skills with piano, saxophone and cello, and he started developing his beat-boxing skills in 2009, just one year before joining Pentatonix. His role in the group is the percussion section.

In my opinion, the quality of the music they produce is superb as they always find a way to make each song personal and different from the others. As their earlier production is so abundant, there is much to listen to, indeed they encompass so many genres and artists that they can boast an extended variety of pieces.

I would absolutely recommend anyone to listen to them and for this reason here’s one of their most popular videos:

Here’s another cover:

And here’s a Pentatonix original:

For those who want to listen to more of them here’s their channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/PTXofficial 

That’s all for today, I hope you liked this article.

See you in my next post!


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