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City or countryside?

Hi guys! Do you prefer living in the city or in the countryside? Which is your favourite?

The choice to live in the countryside or in the city is very personal, in fact there are people who appreciate the calm and quietness of the countryside, while other people prefer the din and the “god of money” of the city.

In my opinion both life in the country and in cities have their pros and cons; people living in the countryside, despite the lack of schools, shops and services, have opted for this choice because they believe that the countryside is good for their brain and health.

It is commonly believed in fact that the brains of those who live in the city works differently from that of those who live in the countryside. Researchers have also found that in the city people the brain regions that regulate emotions and anxiety are hyperactive.

City life has many problems concerning both acoustic and atmospheric pollution, the cost of living is high and there is no peace. However, life in the city has many advantages: starting from schools and services to the many opportunities for fun that it offers to young people. In the city there are also more chances to find a job.

On the other hand, in the country there is more space to allow children to play and its social life is characterized by the fact that “everyone knows everyone”. What’s more, traditions are still alive in the countryside.

After comparing the two possibilities I favour life in the countryside because I believe that nowadays a healthy and happy life is more important than a stressed life. I agree with Virgilio and Orazio who believe that the countryside is the best place where you can spend your life in serenity and tranquility.

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