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A new strange browser

Hi guys,

Recently I have discovered a new browser to search some information, but it’s very particular. In fact the name of the browser is “Zlatan” and with it you can find information about everything but these are based on the way of thinking of a famous footballer: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan is an eccentric footballer who thinks, as his teammates say, to be god. So on the web we can find many anectodes about his life, as for example the one in which he refuses an audition for a famous English team, Arsenal, because “Ibra doesn’t do auditions”. He also says to be the first “living legend”.

However, he is very likeable and pleasant and he has promoted a campaign against hunger in the world, having many parts of his body tatooed. And for this reason this player, for his excesses, is loved by everyone.

But returning to the previous matter, this browser was created by Andreas Killander, a Swedish citizen who works for an important communication agency, the SweetPop, which filters every information so that it can be attributted to the captain of theSwedish football team, Ibrahimovic. The peculiarity of this is that Ibra doesn’t know anything about it and everyone hopes that he’ll get angry.In fact his reactions are very strange and we all remember this very well because he played with Inter, Juventus and Milan between 2005 and 2011.

This video includes the most famous “funny moments” with Zlatan and I suggest you to watch all parts of this video, although it is very long, because it’s very amusing.

For the football world, he is considered one of the most famous and strongest player ever but he has never won the “Balon d’Or”, the most important prize for a footballer. I hope that he’ll win this prize because he’s my idol and I have written this article especially to write something about this person who is an icon in Sweden and in the world of football.

And you? Who’s your idol? Do you like “Zlaaatan.com”? 😉

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