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Hi guys!

Today I’m going to talk about what each of us does on this blog: writing. Only one word and many emotions. But… have you ever asked yourself what writing means?

Charles Bukowski said

Writing is when I take death out of my left pocket, throw him against the wall and catch him as he bounces back

I have always thought that writing means the revelation of our spirit, of our life, of our consciousness and our being. True writing is a need for me, just like eating or sleeping. I write to free myself from the thoughts which crowd my mind, to give them order and to show myself to others. The pen and a piece of paper, my dear friends, pull out what you don’t want to say, breaking all barriers of what is socially correct. Writing, baring our soul, we constantly “braintrain” to go beyond the appearances which our times, technology, fashion impose on us, especially on young people.

Writing is very important in this society  which threatens the use of intellect! Writing and also reading are a real pleasure: they turn off the darkness of ignorance and the darkness of solitude for me. Books, poems and texts are usually born from uneasiness, and they sometimes aim to rouse somebody, to make known parts of reality unknown.

In conclusion reading and writing are two activities tightly connected between them: reading is indispensable to write and writing is indispensable to live.

Paraphrasing a dear friend of mine “writing is being”. I’m telling you that writing is life.


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