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Nokia’s birthday!

Hi guys, I’m happy to talk to you again.

So, May 12th was a special day (especially for the tech geeks among you), but I think many people don’t know why. Well, let me explain. 😉

These have been 150 amazing years since one of the most famous companies such as Nokia was founded by Fredrik Idestam on 12th of May 1865. The company has changed completely during its existence and we only know about its last 50 years activity. But, tracing its origin, we have to go to the South of Finland, precisely in the Tammerkoski Rapids.

At that time it was a wood cellulose factory (yes, you read right 😉 ) and it opened a second branch on the bank of the Nokianvirta river, from which the company took its name as “Nokia Ab” in 1871. Today’s “Nokia”, before being the company that we know today, produced several types of goods like: cables, paper products, tires, rubber boots, consumer and industrial electronic products, plastics and chemicals. In 1967 Idestam Nokia AB, Finnish Rubber Works and Finnish Cable Works Ltd grouped together to found the modern structure of Nokia producing : cables, rubber, electronics and energy generation systems.

But only since the 1980s Nokia has taken the lead of the branch of telecommunications and mobile telephony creating the first completely digital telephonic central and then the production of the first mobile phone in 1991 that used the GSM connection, which guaranteed a better call quality in sound and stability. In the same year Nokia provided many nations with this kind of connection.

Here’s one of Nokia’s first mobile phone attempts:

Actually, that connection is still supported by many carriers and you are using it if you see the “E” letter, that stands for EDGE, near the carrier symbol. Anyway this connection is really slow for our needs and it has been recently replaced with 3G/4G.

In 1998 Nokia discarded the unnecessary sections of the company and has concentrated on the production of mobile phones and smartphones for more than a decade. In 2006 and 2008 Nokia hired a group of specialists in mapping and equipped a navigation system called “Here” on its devices. In 2007 Nokia began a partnership with Siemens providing telecommunications networks and paying attention on innovative technologies.

In 2011 Nokia sold the Devices & Services branch to Microsoft, proving that this company continuously renovates itself and still excels in what it does.

Here is a video published by Nokia itself celebrating its own anniversary:

Happy birthday, Nokia! 🙂

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