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“Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”

 Inspired by the novel by Andrew Hodges, “Alan Turing”, “The Imitation Game” tells the story of Alan Mathison Turing, a famous British mathematician, logician and cryptographer, considered one of the fathers of computer Sciences. The Imitation Game – the title refers to an article written by Turing on the method to determine if something was actually a machine or a person – is the story of an extraordinary life, unknown to most people, that changed the destiny of the world and influenced generations to come. The film is a biographical thriller on Turing,  and deals with themes like  war,  hate of the Nazis, encrypted coded messages, a mystery to unravel and, above all, love.

The film begins in 1952 with a robbery suspect in Turing’s home, in Manchester, where a detective slowly learns from his investigations the whole truth about Turing’s life: he was the pioneer of modern computing, and a hero who, together with the group MI6 (Agency Espionage Section 6) made up of scholars, linguists, chess champions, intelligence agents and word lovers, deciphered the indecipherable communication system known as the German Enigma during World War II.

The code Enigma had 159 million million million possible configurations, which meant that it would have taken decades to decipher it by conventional methods. For everyone, but not for Turing. 😉
World War II would have lasted at least another two years with thousands more deaths if Turing had not managed to decipher the Enigma system.

 So what are you waiting for? Watch it! 🙂

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