TV series

You have been warned

Hello guys, I’m back! Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite TV series: You have been warned! Have you ever seen it? It is a science programme broadcast on Discovery channel, but also on DMAX and Deejay TV.

This programme, also known as Outrageous Acts of Science, is produced by October Films UK. The first season started in 2009 and now it is in its third season. This is a series for anyone who is mad about science, experiments and strange events. In fact, each episode is made up of a countdown of the world’s top 20 videos on the Internet about homemade science stunts and experiments. You have been warned explores the web in order to find the funniest, cleverest and bravest videos from all the world in which people do extraordinary experiments with their own hands.

You have been warned is proud of its panel of the best science experts of the world: physicists, engineers, biologists who explain the experiments in the videos with the help of motion graphics. They also tell how those experiments are scientifically possible. It is a very interesting programme because you can discover that a lot of objects that you have around you every day could hide in truth an unbelievable scientific side; in this way everyone is motivated to try to discover something with his own hands and in my opinion this is a fantastic way to improve knowledge and ability in a pleasant way; in fact, the programme presents only videos of common people who make fantastic discoveries. 🙂

During each episode one of the twenty videos is chosen as the best experiment, discovery or stunt, and the winner receives a prize for his intelligence, courage or ‘folly’ 😀

Moreover, each episode has a particular theme, but it can also include a lot of bizarre situations! Some of the main categories of this programme are: homemade heroes, which presents experiments created at home with ordinary objects; epic stunts; power junkies, which are videos of ‘high-tension experiments’ like a Tesla lightning guitar suit!; dukes of havoc, a lot of bizarre and strange situations like challenges with ice or fire.

Some examples of the most incredible videos of this TV series are: a New Zealander that built a robot rock band, a one-wheeled motorbike in the United States, the man who can fly with his own rocket boots in Finland and so on. 🙂

What do you think about these funny experiments? Have you already discovered anything? 😉

If you really like science watch this programme and have fun! 😉

See you soon! Bye 🙂


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