Art / Photography

Sebastiao Salgado

It ‘s true, when photographing I breathe the labor of man,

its rhythms, its anxieties. But Vivado, even their hopes.
(Sebastiao Salgado)

Sebastiao Salgado was born in Armoires, Brazil, 0n 8th february 1944.  He is famous for his beautiful black-and-white photographs of people living difficult lives. He photographed them all over the world. He lives in Paris. His life and art have become the subject for a film, entitled “The salt of the Earth”.

The pictures that follow are my favourite.
They are a series of images of the gold mine of Serra Pelada, Brazil. The photos describe the incredible number of people called “gold hunters” who went there in the hope of making a fortune, but who actually worked like slaves. What is very peculiar is that each person was there because he wanted to, to get gold and to become rich.

Now the mine is closed and empty, full only of black water, but Salgado’s photos aren’t forgotten like the Pelada mine.

What do you think of these pictures? 🙂


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