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A likeable way to talk about stereotype

Hi guys,

I’ve recently watched many interesting videos about stereotypes, and this is a good topic to discuss with everyone. According to the culture of a certain country, many people use to identify those people with the same stereotype. Sometimes these stereotypes risk to become a prejudice, but the way in which one’s country is identified with a particular idea is nevertheless very interesting For example, when a person in any other country around the world thinks about Italy, the images that form in his mind are those of a pizza, spaghetti or mafia. Instead, if we Italians think of Americans, we’ll probably think of fast food, cowboys and Hollywood.

A few days ago, a group of Italian and American guys have decided to publish on You Tube two videos: “Questions Americans have for Italians” and, in response to it, “Questions Italians have for Americans”.

In my opinion it is an excellent way to overcome our fear of people of different countries who are living in ours, and the best way to say no to racism and stop to prejudices. A fantastic video that I have seen two years ago about this topic presents the 32 teams which played in the World Cup of 2014. Here’s the video:

What about that? Write down your opinions about prejudices and irony!

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