Art / Photography

Robert Frank

Photographs must contain the humanity of the moment.
(Robert Frank)

Robert Frank was born in Zürich  on 9th november 1924. He started to work as an assistant photographer in 1941. After some publications he obtained a scholarship to travel to America. Once there (from 1955 to 1956), the reality he presented in his pictures challenged the mythical American dream through his particular point of view. The society that he described wasn’t so positive or happy, but real. Robert Frank didn’t look for the “right time” in his pictures, but for every time situations and scenarios.

In the photos below, we notice the faces of each person and how these create  their story in our imagination; every man and woman in the pictures are there only because their life has brought them there.

Robert Frank didn’t use  particular techniques to take photos, because he only knew a few notions about photography. We could say that most of his pictures are based on his instinct.

Among the five photos below, I prefer the photo that pictures a crowd. The particular that strikes me most is the fact that this photo does not present a strange, incredible or important moment, but an instant “x” where can you see the face of typical Americans and the way an American crowd actually is.







So, how do you like them? Which is your favourite photo?

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