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5 dishes you must eat in Salento

Hi guys,

How are you? Today I wanna talk about my favourite dishes, in particular about the dishes that you should eat if you come to Salento.

These dishes are typical of this area, and I can assure you that tasting them HERE it is completely different from doing it anywhere else in the world. The order I am going to present them is random, but I hope that you can eat all these specialities and create your own top list.

  1. Rice, potatoes and mussels: it is one of my favourite types of dish, maybe the best for my taste buds. It is composed mainly of these three ingredients and other seasonings, as tomatoes, parsley, oil, pepper and sometimes onions. This dish is also called ‘Tiella barese’ but I prefer to call it ‘Riso, patate e cozze‘. It is very important, for a correct pronunciation of this dish, to say the words together, without separating the names of the three ingredients. Why? Because the ingredients are no longer separate, but they have become a whole.

2. Pittule: there is no translation for this typical food of Salento. This is one of the most delicious street food that you can eat here. They are formed only by a homemade dough, very simple as for its ingredients, but very difficult as for the preparation. This dough is fried and it’s very important to eat pittule when they are still hot. Another important rule is that you must eat this food only with your hands, without cutlery and in the best possible company, because you share them with your friends.

3. Rustico: this is another type of street food famous all over the world. Puff pastry is the base for it and usually the filling includes béchamel sauce with tomato and mozzarella. This is baked and in my opinion it is very difficult to describe, in particular for its taste, so you have to  eat this food preferably on a quiet summer evening on the sea shore.

4. linguine with shellfish: it is one of my favourite dishes, but it is not only typical of my land. However, in my opinion, Otranto’s and Gallipoli’s shellfish is the most savoury in the world and that’s way I think that eating it in the summer, either with your family in a restaurant by the sea or at home, is the best way possible to spend your time with parents and cousins. For this dish the type of pasta is essential: that  is linguine, a variation of spaghetti, and shellfish have to be clams, mussels, shrimps and squids.

5. Pasticciotto: Probably the most famous culinary creation of Salento, Pasticciotto is based on two ingredients: shortcrust pastry and custard. This dessert has also many variations, as the Pasticciotto with the filling of custard and Nutella, and ‘Fruttone’, whose filling is an almond paste stuffed with jam.

People say that the real Pasticciotto is made in Galatina and that it is customary not to sell it if it is still hot, because it has to be eaten lukewarm.

What is your top list? Are there other dishes worth eating here in Salento in your opinion?  😉

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