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A passion for journals

Hello guys! I’m very happy to write here again. Today, I’m going to write about one of my passions: keeping a journal. Have you got a journal? Or have you ever had one?

It seems to me that journals are considered to be such as a waste of time because a few people imagine how many benefits you could get from keeping a journal. Moreover, many people think that keeping a journal is quite the same as keeping a diary. Anyway, a journal is not a diary. There are many differences between them. To begin with, a diary is something very personal, where people write about feelings and emotions that belong to their inner world. Although it is thought that keeping a journal is the same as keeping a diary, I want to enlighten all of you about the fact that there is not only one kind of journal, but several, all of which are different from each other.

The TRAVEL JOURNAL: It is created in order to describe the main events of a trip. It contains photos, little (flat) souvenirs, tickets, feelings, memories and so on; in addition to this, it is decorated according to its destination

The MEMORY JAR: if you don’t like to decorate, don’t have any printed pictures or photos but you want to remember every good thing that happened to you during the year, the memory jar is the best choice for you. You can fill it with thoughts about really good days, so when you are sad and upset, you simply have to open the jar and read about these happy feelings: this will help you feel better

WRITE ON ANYTHING AND BIND IT INTO A BOOK: if you aren’t a very tidy person, or if you just want to put together every sheet of paper where you wrote or drew on, you’ll definitely love this idea. It is simple and easy even if it is such an unbelievably beautiful mess!!!

WRECK THIS JOURNAL: you don’t like writing? Or do you feel more an artistic person? Do you need a way to express yourself and free your mind but you don’t know how? Believe me, buying a “wreck this journal” is exactly what you need! It is a book in which every single page is different from the other, and each provides a different order that you can follow or interpret the way you want! Here are some examples:

The ART JOURNAL: this is not only for artists but for every “visual” person who likes drawing, painting, colouring and, most important, who wants to keep track of his ideas. You are completely free, you don’t have to follow any rule but you only must use your creativity and feel deeply, utterly, totally free to express yourself!

Do you like these kinds of journals? Do you feel like starting one? Let me know! 🙂

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