Art / Photography

Steve McCurry: Afghan girl

“If you can wait people will forget your camera and their soul will come out.”

Steve McCurry was born in Philadelphia, USA, on 24th February 1950.

He studied photography at Pennsylvania State University and got degree in 1974.

His most famous picture is “the Afghan girl”, shown below.

This photo is world-famous and has won lots of awards. It was first published  as a cover of the National Geographic magazine in June 1985 and immediately collected worldwide appreciation. When we look at this photo it is impossible not  to notice the girl’s eyes and the intensity of her gaze. The expression in her face is incredible, it is as if she is telling us her story without the necessity of any words.

McCurry took this photo during one of his travels in the Middle East. His first travel was to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and in order to pass the border he had to disguise like a local man. After his reportage McCurry returned to America with the camera films sewn in his clothes. Works like this gave Steve McCurry the possibility to become a member of Magnum Photos (an association of photographers founded by Henry Cartier Bresson in 1947) .

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