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The White Pelè

Hi guys,

Today I want to remember a very famous person who died a few days ago. He was one of the most important and famous football players. He had many nicknames, as ‘the White Pelè’ or ‘the Prophet of the goal’.

But  his real name was Johan Cruyff.

He was Dutch and he was born on 24th April 1947 in Amsterdam. Although  it might be a bit boring for those among you who are not very keen on football, in my opinion some details of his career are too important and need to be mentioned. First he won three “Balòn d’or”: in 1971, 1973 and 1974. At that time it was an important award for a footballer and today it is still considered the most important trophy in the world of football. This is appointed every year to the best player. What’s more, he was also elected the second best player of 20th century, after Pelè. For this reason he was called as the title of this post. Moreover, he also won the most important European trophy, for what concerns football clubs, both as a player and as a coach, and that only with the football club of Catalùnia, Barcellona F.C.

Cruyff is also the inventor of the modern football, or better of “total football“. In fact he revolutionized the way of playing football because he came up with the idea of the “momentary exchange of position between two players” in order to keep the same disposition in the soccer field.

My wish is not only to remember this great man only for his football career but also for his beautiful but at the same time sad life. In fact in October 2015 he was diagnosed with a lung cancer caused by smoking, and from that moment he started to promote a campaign against smoking.

I want to remember him with this  quote:

At the basis of everything is that children have to have fun when they play football“,  he would say.

Johan was a great footballer but, first of all, he was a fantastic man, who, among other battles, also fought a battle against cancer. It was the only battle he lost .

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