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99 Days of Freedom

Hi guys!

It’s been such a long time since you last heard from me! Hope you’re well!

I decided to write some lines after I had done a really “restoring” activity: I’ve just come out of 99 days of freedom! I haven’t killed anybody, nor have I been to jail. I just took some time off from Facebook!

All started on December 31st, when I found, surfing the web, an article talking about an experiment: the aim was to observe how life would be without Facebook impacting on the user’s happiness. There isn’t a deadline, you can still take part in this peculiar experiment if you want to, and I can personally guarantee it’s worth it!


I’ll explain briefly what the experiment consists in, and then I’ll try to describe in 6 points why I think all of you should participate. Your countdown starts when you subscribe and starting from that moment you have 99 days to do whatever you want except logging on Facebook. You are not forced to do anything, it’s all up to you to keep your “promise”. If you want you can change your profile pictures with the one they provide, log out in your browser and remove all Facebook apps from your devices and then go out and meet some friends!

For those of you who are terrified by the idea of being without Facebook: you can stop the experiment, log in and restart your old life any moment! It’s like having a pack of cigarettes in your pocket while you’re trying to quit smoking. But it’s incredibly more pleasant to succeed.

I was really excited when I heard about this experiment: I knew I was a bit addicted to social networks so I thought this could be a good opportunity to remedy. My only “guilt” was to waste lot of time “scan-looking” my wall and the most incredible thing is that I used to spend 15 or 20 minutes actually reading anything! Unfortunately some are able to do worse than me. As they say “Time is precious. You can’t buy it, but you can save it”. I don’t want to go through this topic because I could talk for one day and I’ll surely turn out to be unpleasant. So let’s talk about the 6 reasons why I think this could be a positive experience for you, too!

#1 You will be more self-confident. It will increase your awareness of being able to get out of an addiction with your own strength. Maybe this could really be helpful in other situations, for example if you want to stop smoking.

#2 You will save a lot of time. You can read on the website: “Joining the 99 days of freedom experiment only takes a few minutes. Yet it saves the average user 1683 minutes. That’s well over 28 hours of freedom!”

#3 You will be happier. Because you won’t feel guilty of wasting your time.

#4 You will be happier. And that’s because you won’t be harassed by other’s (sometimes forged) happiness. You know what I’m talking about…when you’re studying and see other guys going to sea… 😉

#5 You will be happier. And that’s because you will spend time doing things you really like. Reading a book, watching a film, taking some photos, listening to music, running, going out with some friends and also just thinking and you’ll really appreciate it, believe me!

#6 Your devices will become thunderbolts. You know that apps like Facebook and messenger use up a lot of RAM memory and slow down your smartphone.

I’d like it to be clear that I’m no negative at all on social networks. I just think that it is the way in which we use them that is “wrong”. At the end of these 99 days, I really feel changed, I really feel happier. It has been a great experience that has changed me, even if it may seem excessive.  I tried to convince all friends of mine to try this experience.

Just a suggestion: try not to be too (#7) hard with your friends that are constantly looking at their smartphones while you’re talking to them! 😉



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