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The world of the cover

Hi guys,

While surfing the internet, in particular You Tube, I came across the fantastic “world of the cover”.

I like listening to music, but after some time the song I’m listening to becomes boring. For example, this morning I was listening to “Take me to church” by Hozier, and all of a sudden I had the feeling it had become, I don’t know, maybe… repetitive? So I started to look for covers of this song, and it worked!!! Today I prefer listening to covers than to the original song. Thinking about that, I have become aware that thousands of singers don’t always play and sing their songs. So I started thinking about a world without covers. It would be very repetitive, there wouldn’t  be any changes and everything would always be the same.

What’s more, I think that some singers are not perfect for the song that they sing. So whenever a new song is released, I usually search on You Tube for its cover. You see, this world is fantastic because every person is different from the other and I want to find the perfect song with the voice of the singer as close to my taste as possible.

What about personalizing the world near you? It can become more beautiful and interesting.

For what concerns the world of music, I think that covers are the best way to create a direct contact between you and the song lyrics. So if you play a musical instrument, start creating a cover! You will create a more beautiful way to listen to music, or better, you will share your passion with your friends.

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