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Stereograms– Try out your imagination

Hi guys, I’m back!
Today I want to write about a funny way to play with our imagination and to test it…  stereograms!

Have you ever heard this name?

Well, first of all I’ll show you a picture…

This is a stereogram and it presents a family of lions.

Now you may say: ‘WHAT?! Are you crazy???’.

No, I’m not! 🙂

This picture appears to be just a mixture of colours, dots and lines, but it actually  hides a picture, in particular a 3D picture.

So, what’s a stereogram then? It is a 3D picture hidden within another 2D picture that at first sight looks like a chaotic mess of coloured dots! But if you look at this confusing image in a certain way your brain will create the illusion of depth and allow you to view the hidden three-dimensional figure.

Stereograms are also linked to our imagination, to our ‘ability to see beyond the world of reality’ (quot. William Blake).

If you are having trouble viewing the hidden figure in the previous image, maybe your imagination isn’t trained enough; don’t worry I’ll tell you some tips for looking through stereograms:

  • Choose a spot on the picture (in the middle is the best) and focus on it;
  • Relax your eyes, don’t stare at a point but try to look THROUGH the image.

In this way you will allow your brain to see the hidden 3D picture while the rest of the image becomes unfocused.
And now let’s test yourself on these stereograms. Click on the links below and leave a message if you can see them, ok? 😉

A shark
A dog

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