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Let food be thy medicine

“Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food”


Hi guys!

I decided to start this post with this quotation because I want to write about the so-called ‘doctrine of signatures’, a scientific research that states that foods resemble the body parts they’re good for.

What am I talking about??? You’ll surely ask 😉

Have you ever noticed that  a lot of fruits or vegetables really look like our organs?

It’s precisely for this reason that the “doctrine of signatures” was born: it has in fact ancient origins. In the past healers, herbalists or magicians used certain foods, that they considered similar to the different parts of human body, in order to heal these parts, and today we know that this practice is effectively healthy.

Here you are some examples of resemblances between foods and the body parts they are good for:

  • Walnut – Brain

Walnuts are strikingly similar to the human brain, they resemble the brain hemispheres. Moreover, they are one of the best food for our brain and help in developing neurotransmitters enhancing links between the brain cells.

      • Carrot – Eye

A sliced carrot looks like a human eye, and indeed  carrots, according to scientists, thanks to the Beta-carotene contained in it, are essential for a good eyesight and protect our eyes from macular degeneration.

      • Tomato – Heart

A tomato is very similar to our heart and it  is really good for it. Tomatoes contain lycopene that contributes to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

      • Mushroom – Ear

A sliced mushroom is similar to a human ear and mushrooms are very good for our hearing; in fact they contain vitamin D, that is good for our bones but also prevents  loss of hearing.

      • Grapes – Lungs

Grapes resemble the alveoli of the lungs and scientists say that eating grapes reduces the risk of lung cancer.

      • Ginger – Stomach

Ginger is very similar to our stomach and it is a good natural remedy for stomach diseases. Moreover, it helps our digestion.

      • Kidney beans – Kidney

Kidney beans are so-called because they are extremely similar to human kidneys and they actually help our kidneys work well.

      • Sweet potato – Pancreas

The sweet potato has a great resemblance to the pancreas; studies have shown that sweet potatoes aid the pancreas in its function by helping regulate blood sugar level. Moreover, sweet potatoes prevent pancreatic cancer.

So, the doctrine of signatures seems to have just demonstrated how healthy fruits, vegetables or herbs are for the organs in our body! In a certain sense, saying that “We are what we eat” is not so far from the truth!!! 😉

What do you think about it?

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