a traveller's diary

A very English experience! part 2

Hi guys! Remember that travel I talked about not very recently? Well, here are some more details about it. 😉

Let’s get back to the important topics. The English course started at 9:00 am and ended at 1:00 pm with a 20 minutes break in the middle. The lessons were not that simple as it was an advanced English course, but I must say that our teacher was one of the best I have ever found. His name is David and he established a very strong link with us. He would listen to our requests and comments openly and he structured the lessons also following our suggestions, in a way that was most suitable for our level of concentration throughout the day, especially when the class took place in the afternoon, which fortunately happened for just one week. I cannot say that the lessons were simple and relaxing at all but, trust me, if you have such a teacher, time flies. The most stressful days however were only when we had to sit the compulsory exams. They were three: the first on our first day at the school, the second in the middle of the course, and the third at the end of it.

Here you can have some nice chats with the funny beefeaters

Anyway, let’s continue with the description of a typical day. Following the end of the lesson we used to go to the Greenwich “Oxford International Centre”, that was our meeting point with the teachers. From there, after a lavish lunch, we moved to the destination of the day, which was rarely done without a guide. If you are curious to know what places I am talking about, well, you’d better read the first post about this travel, you lazy boy! 😉

After getting back home and freshening up it was finally time to eat something healthy with the hosting family and chat a bit with them. This was the place where we could finally put into practice some real speaking abilities, where we had to put our English lessons together so as to speak out using all the structures, terms and suggestions our teacher had taught us in the course. That’s the main reason I personally don’t like staying in a dormitory (that could be a possibility in this kind of travels) where everybody prefers to talk in their own language instead of taking advantage of the entire travel and making real progress in their language abilities.

For all you physicist out there, here are two legendary symbols of sir Newton’s life

Anyway, our day is coming to the end. We used to watch a film before going to bed so as to strengthen our listening comprehension abilities while also learning some more weird structures and terms.

Talking about learning languages, I’d recommend to anyone to keep track on a notepad of all the unique/interesting English forms you run into, because they may be hard to remember at the beginning but they also give you edge in the speaking exam, impressing the examiner.

This travel has been the best I’ve taken part so far,  not only for the magnificent buildings and visits in London, but also for all the other aspects that, although they may seem minor they actually make a huge difference between a sloppy excursion and a formative, superb and breath-taking experience. I’m talking about the flawless services, a wide range of opportunities in any situation or field, the presence of parks nearly everywhere, the helpfulness of the hosting families and, last but not least, the amazing relationship with the companions. You may ask, would I go there again? Of course yes, I liked this city so much that I’d live there! Even though this may not seem like the most exciting thing to do during the summer, trust me, you will absolutely enjoy every second of your travel. You will thank me later, my fellow.

A nice view of London Bridge: it wasn’t falling down! 😉

That’s all for now and, stay tuned! 😉

P.S. One last thing: please, do not forget your coat, nor an umbrella. Also, should you find one on the Victoria line, that’s probably mine. 😛

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