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The age of sport

Hi guys, how are you? I am very excited because summer is near and, with it, the world’s most beautiful competitions. So, here is my reminder for you about all the summer contests, so that you won’t miss any!

And if you don’t like sport, I have some surprises for you, too! 😉

First, the UEFA European Cup. It is a tournament between national football teams.

The tournament is composed of 6 rounds, each with 4 teams. Every nation plays against another of its round only once, and the firsts two teams access the successive stage. The first qualified of every round plays against the second of another round again only once. Every winner squares off another winner until the final match, which will decide which team is the champion. The most important news of this year is that the national teams are 24, and not 16 as it was before. The European Cup starts on June 10th, and finishes after a month.

Between 2nd and 24th July there is also the Tour de France. It is the world’s most famous and important cycling competition, where professional cyclists from all over the world challenge each other to become champions and to receive the famous “Yellow Jersey”.

In addition to these important events, from 20th March to 27th November the Formula One season (car racing) takes place.

The winner will be the racer that gets more points than the others. This is a fantastic sport and my favourite pilot is the German Vettel who drives the Italian Ferrari.

Apart from these fantastic competitions, I think that the most amazing will be the Summer Olympics 2016, or better the Games of the XXXI Olympiad. This contest includes athletes from all over the world and from all sports. Every athlete represents his nation in his/her sport, and at the end  the nation with the greatest number of medals will win. There are gold, silver and bronze medals, and each one has a different value. I suggest you to follow this event, because you will certainly enjoy it. I almost forgot! These Games start on August 5th and finish on 21st.

And if you hate sports, and you don’t want to spend your summer in front of your television, the solution is simple: you must come to Salento and benefit of our fantastic seaside resorts.  Salento is considered perfect as a holiday destination, because it has everything you may wish for: the sun, the sea and the wind. So happy summer holiday!


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