Experimenting CLIL: school subjects in English / literature


Today I’m going to talk about a theme that, according to me, is particularly interesting. I’ve discovered this literary “topos” during the Italian Literature lesson and I want to share with you my thoughts about it. The figure that I want to analyse is the INEPT, the main character in Italo Svevo’s works. The author, writing in the … Continue reading

Experimenting CLIL: school subjects in English / literature

The three women of “Divina Commedia”

Today I want to talk about the  female figures that are present in one of the most extraordinary works of art in Italian literature: the “Divina Commedia” by Dante. In his masterpiece Dante describes the imaginary travel from Hell, dark and full of suffering, where the sinners’ souls are in an eternal state of pain, … Continue reading


BAROQUE MUSIC – 1st part

This post summarizes a work presented during an English lesson, in which I introduced the main characteristics of Baroque music. The main genres of this movement were the melodrama, the sonata, the ballet, the suite and the concert, and its most common forms were the ABA form, the canon and the fugue In this period … Continue reading

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A History of Fashion: XVIIIth century

During XVIIIth century fashion was influenced by the new and innovative Rococo style. In Italy the French influence conditioned hairdressers and cooks, who had to be “foreigners”, or have foreign names, to be fashionable. At the end of XVIIth century there was an important change: England became the new centre of fashion, following the colonialist economical … Continue reading