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A likeable way to talk about stereotype

Hi guys, I’ve recently watched many interesting videos about stereotypes, and this is a good topic to discuss with everyone. According to the culture of a certain country, many people use to identify those people with the same stereotype. Sometimes these stereotypes risk to become a prejudice, but the way in which one’s country is identified with a particular idea is nevertheless very interesting … Continue reading

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A trend of the moment: Freestyle rap

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about one of the musical trends of this period: freestyle rap. Freestyle rap is something interesting and amusing. It is a particular type of music characterized by someone who sings using rhymes, assonance and figures of speech. This is a typical model of street music because the singers extemporize without musical instruments but making use … Continue reading

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the Show

Hi guys! Do you know what “the Show” is? By now, ‘the Show’ has became a source of entertainment for everyone on the Internet. It was created by two young boys, Alessandro and Alessio, two Italian students who are both in their twenties. They import in YouTube Italy, after the American experience, pranks and social experiments. … Continue reading

TV series

Auction Hunters

Hi there! Have you ever seen ‘Auction Hunters’? It’s impossible to say no. Auction Hunter is one of the most followed and exciting TV Series in America and in Italy. Protagonists of this series are Allen Huff and Ton Jones. Allen is an athletic collector with over 20 years of experience in auctions, while Ton … Continue reading