Girl Talk

Sorry for being a little messy, but that’s what I was able to do “in a rush”. It didn’t take me more than 6 hours to put it all together and that’s the first time I improvise over this piece. Neither have I got a really “nice” voice but… I couldn’t resist: this piece is … Continue reading


Hammond – organ theories

In the previous post we talked about the history and the main features of the classic Hammond Organ, but we didn’t get deeper enough. The Hammond (but also the standard pipe organs) are not like every other keyboard or piano. There are great structure, sound and “feedback” differences. First of all the organ keyboard (called … Continue reading

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The Hammond organ

Did any of you know that the most famous instrument used in Jazz and Blues was… a church organ? I’m talking about the famous Hammond organ. Well, it is not exactly an instrument designed for churches: just imagine that it was masterly adopted in bands of international level such as “Pink Floyd”, “Deep Purple” or … Continue reading