Game of the week

Dante’s Inferno

Hi guys! 😉 Today I’m going to write about another fantastic video game: Dante’s Inferno! Ready? Let’s start! Surely you’ ve heard of Dante’s Inferno, that “fantastic video game inspired by the Divine Comedy”: in fact  it is just so, but it refers only to the first canto of Dante’s work, Hell (Inferno), hence the title 😉 … Continue reading

Game of the week

Prototype 2

Hi there! Sorry for having kept you waiting! 🙂 Here I am with the sequel of Prototype, Prototype 2! 😀 Remember Alex, that half-human, half-monster? This time we have to follow the story from the point of view of another man, James Heller. The plot of Prototype 2 begins after the events of Prototype that … Continue reading

Game of the week


Hi guys! Here I am, writing about a video game! This is the first time I’ve written a post on a video game, because I’ve always written posts about music. But stop wasting time, let’s start! 😉 Today I’m going to write about one of my favourite video games, Prototype. It’s an action-adventure game: it … Continue reading

Experimenting CLIL: school subjects in English / Science

Stem cells

Hi guys, today I’m going to talk about stem cells, which I have recently studied at school. Stem cells are primitive undifferentiated cells with the ability to transform into various other types of cells of the body through a process called “differentiation”. They can also divide (through a process called “mitosis”) to produce more stem cells. … Continue reading

classroom snapshots / fun


Last week we had to design and present an invention to our teacher and class . iDiot My invention is iDiot, a new app for ios to use while walking down the street. In fact, iDiot warns you of any obstacle in front of you that you can’t see while you are writing text messages or … Continue reading