a talent for writing

Mr. Time

One morning I was going through the city repeating continuously “why me?”, because I had little time to complete the work my boss had given me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “Good morning sir” I said that day to someone who seemed to be a shadow, wearing a dinner jacket, a black hat, dark glasses and a bow-tie on … Continue reading

festivals and traditions

From legend to tradition: the feast of St. Martin

Winter is approaching… Colourful leaves fall down from their branches, smoke rises up from chimneys, the light of the day gets shorter and shorter… But, despite of the cold, during these days, particularly on 11th November, our tables are laden with roasted flesh and chestnuts, quince jelly, mandarins and – of course – bottles of new good … Continue reading

themes and issues

The Wadda Wurrung people

But what about the people who built this “Australian Stonehenge”? The Aboriginal tribe of the Wadda Wurrung, also called Wathaurong or Watha Wurrung, lived in the region where the Wurdi Youang site was discovered, so scientists think that they were the authors of this peculiar stone monument. The Wadda Wurrung belonged to the Kulin, an alliance among five Indigenous Australian communities in Central … Continue reading