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Football World Cup!

Here we are, a few days before the beginning of the Football World Cup 2014! How are you feeling? Excited? Impatient? Nervous? Happy? It’s normal, don’t worry; this year it’ll be held in Brazil and it’ll begin on 12th June. Which team will you support? Italy or Germany? France or England? Whatever team it will be, just remember to support … Continue reading

TV series

Love through time and space

Hello there, have you already joined the Doctor’s team? If so, you’ve surely noticed that it’s not only a science show! It tells about different characters with different stories: in fact most of the doctor’s  companions are people who experienced sad events in their lives, like Rose Tyler, who lost her father when she was just a child, or Amy Pond, who is … Continue reading

TV series

Sherlock (BBC)

  What if the most famous detective in the world, Sherlock Holmes, lived in the London of 2010, calling the Police using his iPhone, using a laptop computer and spending most of his time in a modern and outfitted laboratory? This is what Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss thought when they created ‘Sherlock’, a contemporary adaptation of … Continue reading

TV series

Doctor? Doctor who?

Is your life boring? Do you study or work all day and can’t travel? Do you want to change your life and escape from the daily routine? Are you exhausted or do you dream about fantastic adventures? Well… You need a doctor. But not an ordinary one…A lot of people met him in different centuries … Continue reading