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The Mayas

The Mayas have been the topic  of many recent discussions because of  their supposed prophecy about  the end of the world, that should occur on 21st December of this year; there are many different opinions about this, but I’m not going to consider them because  I’d like to concentrate on the history, the traditions, the … Continue reading

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A voracious predator

The tiger (scientific name: Panthera tigris) is the biggest cat species in nature and one of the most dangerous predators; the name comes from “tigris”, a word that derives from the Persian language and that means “arrow”, probably referring to the incredible speed (about 65 km/h) that the tiger can reach, for brief distances, while … Continue reading

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A well, a coin.. and a wish comes true!

                                                                                  “ Tell me all you wishes, I’m here to make them true”                                                                                                        Shakira- Good stuff Hello everybody! Christmas is just over! 😦 But luckily  holidays are not! 😉 Have you ever asked yourselves which images come to your mind when you think of Christmas? If you wrote on a white sheet the words … Continue reading

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Autumnal delights

Chestnuts are one of the delights brought every year by autumn; these fruits are linked with the Italian celebration of  Saint Martin because people, above all on 11th November, are used to spending the evening with their family, eating roasted chestnuts and tasting some  great wine. Chestnuts with their yellow pulp, their brown shell and … Continue reading

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Watching the sky in Australia: the discovery of an ancient astronomical observatory

Hello everybody!  Are you ready for journey into history?;-)  Recently a very ancient stone arrangement, supposed to be an ancient  astronomical observatory,  has been discovered in the region of Victoria, in Australia. The investigation was led by a British astrophysicist, Ray Norris, supported by a team of archeologists and Aboriginal advisers, and the discovery of … Continue reading

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The power of colours

Have you ever wondered how we perceive colours? Well, a flow of photons coming from a lighting source passes through our eyes and reaches our retina, where each of them is absorbed by specific photoreceptors, cones and rods, which are able to produce nervous impulses, then converted into electric signals and transmitted through the optical … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there were…the Hippies

It is nothing new. We have a private revolution going on. A revolution of individuality and diversity that can only be private. Bob Stubbs When  we talk about  social and cultural movements of the  past,  we shouldn’t  forget the Hippie culture, whose followers  were also  called “Flower children”. Have you ever  heard anything about them?? If … Continue reading

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The fabulous elves

In many fantastic tales, together with witches and fairies, very often we also find  elves; these  creatures are characteristic of northern mythology and their name probably derives from the Scandinavian word “àlfr”, plural “àlfar”. In the past elves were thought to be the manifestation of dead people’s souls, while later they were believed to be … Continue reading