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Steve McCurry: Afghan girl

“If you can wait people will forget your camera and their soul will come out.” Steve McCurry was born in Philadelphia, USA, on 24th February 1950. He studied photography at Pennsylvania State University and got degree in 1974. His most famous picture is “the Afghan girl”, shown below. This photo is world-famous and has won lots … Continue reading

Art / Photography

Robert Frank

Photographs must contain the humanity of the moment. (Robert Frank) Robert Frank was born in Zürich  on 9th november 1924. He started to work as an assistant photographer in 1941. After some publications he obtained a scholarship to travel to America. Once there (from 1955 to 1956), the reality he presented in his pictures challenged the mythical American dream through … Continue reading


And now, some maths!

Hi guys! Nice to see you all again! 🙂 Maths is around us, humans’ incredible ability of finding numbers and laws in everything that happens is incredibly astounding and the sciences that have put  a particular effort into doing this are Maths and Physics. Their aim is to explain our world and the universe, and even … Continue reading


African Art

Hi everyone! How are you? I hope you’re fine 😉 I’ve recently spent a month in London with some of you,  and there I discovered a lot of picturesque scenarios and visited many intriguing museums. My favourite was the British Museum: have you ever heard anything about it? It preserves one of the most important … Continue reading

Art / Photography

Sebastiao Salgado

It ‘s true, when photographing I breathe the labor of man, its rhythms, its anxieties. But Vivado, even their hopes. (Sebastiao Salgado) Sebastiao Salgado was born in Armoires, Brazil, 0n 8th february 1944.  He is famous for his beautiful black-and-white photographs of people living difficult lives. He photographed them all over the world. He lives in … Continue reading

Art / Photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Hyères

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.” Henri Cartier-Bresson Hi guys! I thought it could be a nice idea to introduce to you some of the most famous photographers in our world and have a look at the pictures that best represent … Continue reading