And now, some maths!

Hi guys! Nice to see you all again! 🙂 Maths is around us, humans’ incredible ability of finding numbers and laws in everything that happens is incredibly astounding and the sciences that have put  a particular effort into doing this are Maths and Physics. Their aim is to explain our world and the universe, and even … Continue reading

Experimenting CLIL: school subjects in English / Maths / vocabulary builder


Ready for some new information and vocabulary? 😉 Now that you have learnt about geometrical shapes in English, let’s continue with this week’s topic… What is a dimension? To answer this question, a mathematician would say that a dimension of an object is given by the “minimum number of coordinates that we need to locate … Continue reading

Art / did you know? / Experimenting CLIL: school subjects in English / Maths

Impossible drawings in art

The Möbius strip made me think of one of my favourite artists: Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898 – 1972). He was a Dutch artist, famous for his mathematically inspired works, in particular for his drawings about impossible constructions and connections among different geometrical shapes. I’m pretty sure you have already wondered over some of his works. Escher’s … Continue reading