Experimenting CLIL: school subjects in English / literature


Today I’m going to talk about a theme that, according to me, is particularly interesting. I’ve discovered this literary “topos” during the Italian Literature lesson and I want to share with you my thoughts about it. The figure that I want to analyse is the INEPT, the main character in Italo Svevo’s works. The author, writing in the … Continue reading

Experimenting CLIL: school subjects in English / literature

The three women of “Divina Commedia”

Today I want to talk about the  female figures that are present in one of the most extraordinary works of art in Italian literature: the “Divina Commedia” by Dante. In his masterpiece Dante describes the imaginary travel from Hell, dark and full of suffering, where the sinners’ souls are in an eternal state of pain, … Continue reading


A Mid-Winter Morn’s Dream

Everybody has a hero (very often, more than one!). Mine is a strange sailor with a strange name: Corto Maltese Corto Maltese, a cult favourite in one of the best European graphic novels, is a veritable legend in twentieth century literature. He’s a traveller – a sailor who combines Mediterranean looks with Anglo-Saxon culture. Corto, … Continue reading


A Way Through the Forest

Once I read a story about the American poet Robert Frost. Somebody asked him why he insisted in writing poems with rhymes (rhymes were considered unfashionable  in the modernist 20th Century). He simply answered: “Writing poems without rhymes would be like playing tennis without the net”. I don’t know if the story is true; it … Continue reading

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A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Hi everybody! Some time ago I wrote a post about women’s position in literature and about Ada Byron Lovelace, “the Enchantress of Numbers”, a great mathematician who invented the first prototype of a computer programme. Today I’m going to talk about another important woman that we could define (in modern language) the first feminist philosopher … Continue reading

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Romantic clouds

Hi guys! As maryssa wrote, we’re studying English Romanticism. Literature doesn’t really attract me, but one particular aspect of this period has made me very curious: the interest in natural phenomena. Indeed, they’re experiences that could provoke terror in the audience, since terror and pain were the strongest of emotions. Another reason is the scientific … Continue reading


Poetry and the making of things

Words create reality. Things exist when we have a name for them. We need names in order to differentiate things and distinguish them from the Big-Everything. If you feel sceptical about this matter, think of the way magic spells work in fairy-tales or fantasy novels: sorcerers make things happen by simply pronouncing some special words; … Continue reading


Cats & Poets

I’ve got a cat. It is a she-cat and her name (her full name, I mean) is Dock-tailed Anita II from Green Park. Well, it took us some time, in the family, to decide all this. Maybe some explanation is due: Anita is a tribute to the wonderful jazz singer Anita O’ Day, with whom … Continue reading


Women’s position in literature

Widespread education of women was not common until the nineteenth century, so literature was largely “male dominated”: women only inspired authors, but they didn’t create anything. However, some of them stood out through history because of their intelligence and skills. Are you ready to know about them? The first female poet was Saffo: she was … Continue reading